RSGA develops design businesses with a history. Attention to quality, sustainability, our culture and society is essential. That is why we produce locally and why we build lasting relationships with the best Dutch craftsmen. We also support non-profit organisations that are committed to culture and society.


To produce the various designs from our collections with the highest quality standards, we combine the knowledge of specialised craftsmen with modern production techniques. The production of our furniture takes place in our own factory in Culemborg. By producing locally, we and our employees can guarantee the quality of the production process and the final design.


When choosing our wood, steel, aluminium, feathers, fabric or leather, sustainability comes first. We actively work to reduce the use of non-natural materials such as foam. Where no replacement is possible, we ensure that the materials can be separated into separate waste streams. If no alternatives are available, we reduce the use of non-natural materials to a minimum. We process our residual flows as much as possible.


We think it is important to participate in our environment. That is why, as a company, shareholder or as a private individual, we actively support non-profit organisations that work for culture and society, including: