Brands within the RSGA Design group are all from the highest segment of interior design. Using their rich history, timeless design, and craftsmanship they amplify their brand identity. These brands combine the highest quality standards with the knowledge of their specialised craftsmen, using modern production techniques.

For more than 80 years, the Spectrum collection has been a combination of iconic Dutch designs and classics of the future. The collection consists of strong characters, each with its own story. Spectrum furniture is designed by renowned Dutch designers. Famous designs by Martin Visser, Gerrit Rietveld, Benno Premsela and Constant Nieuwenhuys are combined with future classics from designers such as Piet Hein Eek, Studio Parade, Carolina Wilcke and Aart van Asseldonk.

Spectrum Design

Rietveld Originals was established by Gerrit Rietveld’s grandson Egbert Rietveld, aiming to bring his grandfather’s furniture designs to the public’s attention. The collection includes all Gerrit Rietveld’s furniture designs currently in production. It consists of furniture produced by Rietveld Originals as the official licensee of the Copyright Foundation Dr G. Th. Rietveld plus the designs published by Cassina, Gispen and Tecta.

Rietveld Originals

The Gelderland collection offers an impressive sample of Dutch design history. From the first piece of furniture in 1936 onwards, it has all been about timeless, comfortable, sustainable and reliable design lasting for generations. By attracting leading designers such as Ib Kofod Larssen and Rob Parry in the 1950s, the foundations were laid for the present Gelderland principles. In 1969, Jan des Bouvrie made his debut as a furniture designer with his 430 Cube sofa. Many designers followed, including Henk Vos and his sons Bart and Roderick, Stefan Scholten & Carole Baijings, Remy Meijers, Lex Pot and Studio Truly Truly.